VC List: Top Health & hospital services Seed investors (118)

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Photo of George Zachary, General Partner at CRV
George Zachary CRV
($250k - $10.0m)
($500k - $1.5m)
Photo of Scott Nolan, Partner at Founders Fund
($500k - $5.0m)
Photo of Will Quist, Partner at Slow Ventures
($100k - $3.0m)
Photo of Gary Swart, General Partner at Polaris Partners
($3 - $20)
($400k - $2.0m)
Photo of Chris Farmer, Partner at SignalFire
($500k - $15.0m)
Photo of Wayne Hu, Partner at SignalFire
($500k - $15.0m)
($200k - $2.0m)
Photo of Lynne Chou O’Keefe, Managing Partner at Define Ventures
($750k - $6.0m)
($100k - $20.0m)
($250k - $3.0m)
Photo of Ben Lerer, Managing Partner at Lerer Hippeau
Ben LererLerer Hippeau
($250k - $2.5m)
Photo of Arlan Hamilton, Managing Partner at Backstage Capital
($50k - $50k)
Photo of Leo Polovets, General Partner at Susa Ventures
($500k - $1m)
Photo of Michael Ma, General Partner at L2 VC
Michael MaL2 VC
($100k - $400k)
($250k - $2.5m)
($150k - $1.2m)
Photo of Emily Chiu, Partner at 500 Startups
($50k - $500k)
($500k - $6.0m)